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Dalian Metallurgical Bearing Group Co.,Ltd. is located at Pulandian Wawo Hi-tech industrialPark,in the north of the metropolis Dalian,covering an area of 770,000m³,with over 500,000㎡of bearing work area. The company has threesubsidiaries, namely,DalianMetallurgical Bearing Group Co., Ltd. and etc. The plant has its special railway line,with fixed assets of 1020 million yuan and employees of over 2700.

With its mainproduct DYZV Bearings, as well as the annual production capacity record as1.5 million sets of bearings including over 3,000 models of 0、2、3、5、6、7、8、9、N、QJ、slewing support, and wind power bearings accessories, DalianMetallurgical bearing Co,. Ltd is a bearing and accessory products provider forkey state-owned enterprises in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, coal, mineexploitation and harbor chemical industry. Its quality products have been soldthroughout USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, India, South Africa, etc.

The company attaches great importance toproduct brand trademark consciousness,dependson the advanced ERP network information management system, PLM technologydesign system, superior equipment and accurate testing instrument, 100% of itsproducts have been tested meeting or even exceeding relevant state technicalstandards. DYZV Bearing with its high precision, reliability and long lifespanhas ranked top among the like products and has been  awarded as “Metallurgical DepartmentPrestigious Brand Product”, the “Well-known Brand in China”、 “Prestigious Brand Product” of Liaoning province and Daliancity; the company has also been appraised as “Dalian High-tech technologyenterprise” in 2009.

The  company deepens reform continuously, innovate overall. Comprehensive economicbenefits ranked top in bearing industry in China. The company ranked firstamong top 10 like products in activity of “No Sham, No Complaint, No Defect” inchina. The company was awarded the title of “Best” and “Star” enterprise ofLiaoning province for many successive years and appraised as “Contract-honoring and Faith- keeping Enterprise” of Dalian city and Liaoning province aswell as “AAA Grade Credit Enterprise of Dalian city” from 2005 to 2010.Meanwhile the company has been awarded as “Dalian Hundred Enterprises” and “LiaoningTaxpayer” for several years.

Duringthe “eleventh five year plan” and 2010, the enterprise management results of DalianMetallurgical Bearing Co,. Ltd has been increasing from 380 million yuan in2005 to present more than 800 million yuan, with 53% growth rate, 11% averageannual increase rate; the company has performed technical reform twicesuccessfully with 360 million yuan investment, developed large precisionbearing series, says the wind power bearing、slewbearing、curved-tooth bearing etc; transformedproduction structure from ordinary type to precision type and large heavytype;  finished qualificationcertification for manufacturing military products and many countriesclassification society certification, to enlarge production field to militaryproduction and marine industry; during 2005 to 2010, the company wascontinuously appraised as “China Mechanical Top 500 Enterprises”、 “China Mechanical Advanced Management Enterprise” and etc.

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